If you are a collector of tropical plants, aquatic or other plants, please kindly contact us at: , providing us with the following information:

1. Your name, mailing address, nearest airport to your location, fax number and if available e-mail address.

2. Botanical name of plants (if the plants you are interested in are listed, the codes in our lists will also do), if a specific size is required, please state it,  approximate quantities you may require (this is important in order to establish the cost of freight - large shipments cost much less per kg than smaller ones), approximate date when you would like to receive the plants.

3. Shape/condition of plants. For commercial shipments the plants are usually trimmed to a very minimum to save on freight charges. If you like to have plants in their original shape and condition, please advise accordingly.

We do not yet have a form available for you to submit your requirements. Therefore, please kindly contact us by fax: (662) 426-2592 or by e-mail at: .


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