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Exporter of plants for gardening and landscaping, grower of aquatic plants such as water lilies (Nymphaea - hardy and tropical varieties, Nelumbo - lotus), marginal and other pond plants.

We do not engage in online retail sales but supply mostly garden centers, landscaping contractors and plant importers/distributors, though, if collectors of tropical or aquatic plants are interested in individual shipments please check here for details.

Since a vast variety of tropical/temperate plants grow here in Thailand, we can not grow them all on our own. We purchase them on the local market from growers who specialize in only a few varieties, which ensures consistent quality, even for larger quantities, and allows us to offer our customers the LOWEST PRICES possible. We can also grow larger numbers of certain plants to order if there is sufficient lead-time.

For details about how we prepare, pack and ship plants please have a look at our  Shipments page. To view photos showing what we are doing, please go to About OPAL.

Because we do not engage in retail sales and prices vary according to season, sizes and quantities required, we can not publish a fixed price list here, but will provide prices upon receiving sincere inquiries for quotations; for details please have a look at our Inquiries page.

For now our pages contain only lists of plants which we have exported over the past few years. Pictures of plants will follow in the future. Plants not listed may well be available here, so please ask us at info@opalhort.com and we will try to source them.

The plant lists are divided into three sections:

Complete Alphabetic lists (A-C, D-M, N-P, Q-Z) of all plants, combining the ones listed under aquatic and Terrestrial Plants (these lists are quite large - up to 100Kb -  and may take some time to load on a slow connection, so please be patient).

Aquatic Plants:

Hardy Waterlilies, Tropical Waterlilies, Water Plants, Floating Plants, Oxygenators and Marginal Plants  

If you are interested in aquatic plants, why not also visit the non-commercial Water Gardeners International Society at:

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For more information about water lilies and Victorias and information about the people who grow/hybridize them,

please visit the non-commercial website of our friends Kit & Ben Knotts in Florida:



Terrestrial Plants:

Climbers, Shrubs, Groundcovers, Grasses, Trees, Fruit Trees, Palms, Flower Plants and Succulents. Having our home in Thailand, the terrestrial plants we export are mostly suitable for tropical/temperate zones (outdoors) or as indoor plants in a cooler climate.

  Please e-mail us at:  contact@opalhort.com


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